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1. Cameras that output an interlaced signal over HDMI will not work.
Webcaster X2 requires a progressive signal (eg: 1080p, 720p).
1080i signals will not work.
The fact that a camera records 1080p or 720p does not guarantee that it actually outputs a progressive signal over HDMI.
For example, the Canon C100 Mk I records 1080p but it's HDMI output is interlaced, so it won't work (C100 Mk II solved this).
The Canon C300 Mk I can record 1080p, but it outputs 1080i over HDMI.
You have to change the recording mode to 720p and then it will output 720p over HDMI, which is compatible.

2. Some cameras don't actually output live audio over HDMI (eg. Canon Rebel T6i).
In these cases it maybe possible to bring your audio into Webcaster X2 over USB using an external audio device,
but using HDMI audio from your camera is much more ideal.

3. Some cameras don't output a clean signal. For example, the menu overlays are present (eg. older DSLRs like Canon 5D Mk II)

4. Some cameras don't output a live signal at all. They only output HDMI during playback of recorded clips (typical of some older camcorders).