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Roland XS-Series Application Examples

Conference Rooms

The XS series can perform switching for up to eight computers and video devices. Systems comprising mixed digital and analog video sources in HDMI, RGB, Component, S-video, and composite can be configured. For audio as well, up to eight stereo channels of input can be switched and mixed. The ducking function also makes it possible to lower audio-line volume when someone speaks into a microphone. Performing output using HDBaseT enables transmission of 1080p high-definition video over Cat5e cable to HDBaseT-compatible equipment up to 100 meters away.


Roland XS-84H Classroom Example Diagram

The XS series can switch between HDCP-protected HDMI video from computers and smart phones and still-image data saved in internal memory. It can also display a school emblem while in standby with no equipment connected. Built-in compressors, EQs, and HPFs on the input lines enable adjustment of mic and line audio. output on up to four HDBaseT lines makes it possible to transmit video to sub-displays.


Roland XS-84H Event Halls and Churches Example Diagram

Event Halls and Churches
The XS series supports component, S-video, and composite feeds in addition to HDMI and RGB, making it ideal for event halls equipped with sources in various media formats. Mulit-screen productions become possible with the different video modes. The horizontal mirroring and cropping functions enable the creation of laterally symmetrical video output while still sending a wideshot to the lobby.


Roland XS-84H 4K Mode Example Diagram

4K Mode
The XS-84 is capable of switching four video lines as a group, enabling configuration of a 4K system. Switching a mixture of video feeds that includes 4K, HD, and SD sizes as well as up to WUXGA and other computer video formats is also possible.


Roland XS-84H Teleconferencing Example Diagram

Teleconferencing Solutions
The XS series features four internal buses each for video and audio. It can be used to create minus-one audio, enabling incorporation into teleconferencing systems.


Roland XS-84H Events and Conventions Example Diagram

Events and Conventions
The XS series is equipped with eight ports each for HDMI and RGB/Component/S-video/Composite input, giving it enough capacity to accommodate even large conventions. Previewing output is possible as well, enabling adjustment of the positioning, scaling, and aspect of the input signal before output. The compositing functions make it possible to composite different types of informational screens separately from the main screen, for output to monitor displays visible to presenters and performers.