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Matrox PowerStream

The Matrox Maevex Series comes bundled with Matrox PowerStream—a robust software application that enables remote control and management of the entire Maevex network topology.
Installed on a network PC, the command & control application supports a variety of features, making Maevex appliances entirely configurable, manageable, and updateable via the network and all from one or more central locations. PowerStream also allows Decoders to be assigned to streams. Maevex administrators can start and stop streams as well as balance image/stream quality and bit rate by managing a variety of encoding and decoding parameters. Easy adjustment of input and output resolutions and aspect ratios provide administrators with additional flexibility and control.

Key features include*:

  • Auto-detect and discover Maevex units on subnet (DHCP server required)

  • Identify and manage Maevex Encoder/Decoder IP addresses

  • Fine-tune encoding and decoding parameters and network bit rate

  • Benefit from automated failure resilience and automated recovery features

  • Easily assign streams to one or more Decoders

  • Scale down source resolution before streaming to network to allow for managed network bandwidth consumption

  • Scale and crop source content on individual Decoder outputs, allowing for flexible display

  • Set forced resolutions out to all or individual Decoder outputs

  • Choose between the Encoder’s Zero-latency direct pass-through or confidence preview settings

  • Adjust ProcAmp controls at local Encoder and/or remote Decoder outputs

  • Control HDMI and analog audio mute and volume

  • Control user access to PowerStream and the Maevex network with password protection

  • Create your own names for all Encoder and Decoder units

  • Conveniently access device ID, IP address, streaming state, bit rate, and other variables

  • Update firmware easily and conveniently over the network

  • Take advantage of supported multiple-instance installation and remote management

  • Support for the following operating systems (requires Microsoft .NET 4.5):
    Windows® 8 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows® Server® 2012, Windows® 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), and Windows® Server® 2008 R2

* Information and software subject to change